HawkC has achieved speed-up of three-dimensional visualization with aim to contribute to medical and industrial fields.
Shortening of working time of each process in order to reduce total working time required for 3D visualization.

Processing time for automatic contour extraction.
We developed R-Centipede algorithm with improved Snakes algorithm (typical techniques for extracting an object contour of the two-dimensional image), and implemented Cnty, a fast and highly accurate processing for contour extraction. Robust calculations are performed against the effects of the missing region from reconstruction and noise of the projection image, and contours are extracted with contours added, deleted, divided dynamically. For this reason, we do not need to place initial contour in vicinity of the object. Furthermore, it is possible to extract contours hierarchically from outer edge of the object to the contour of internal structure, and automatically extract contour of slices between front and rear, thereby contributes to labor saving of user. In addition, automatic contour extraction algorithm is added as a plug-in. It allows user to develop and select various algorithms.
Editing operation.
We developed the user interfaces to allow user to edit contour intuitively and easily. To get feedback we held workshop for plurality of user who specialize in three-dimensional image visualization. We incorporate their opinions and requests to our software. For example, to reduce the operating distance of mouse, all operations can be performed from the right-click, and user can perform all operation from any viewer (for 2D : XY plane, YZ plane, ZX plane, for 3D : contour display, mesh display). Furthermore you can open more than one viewer, and place each viewer freely. Due to this, you can work efficiently by placing the viewer side-by-side.
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