Example of using HawkC for 3D observation of melanin.

Dr. Akio Takaoka of Osaka University (Professor Emeritus) and others tried to extract contour from electron microscope tomography (hair, image of fine particle in melanin) with HawkC. That was first time to use this software in earnest. He completed the process in three days. When the doctor extracted contour from same data by his familiar software IMOD, it took approximately 2 times as long as HawkC . In addition, a user who is familiar with HawkC tried contour extraction from same data, the process completed in approximately 30 minutes. Thus, compared to conventional method for performing three-dimensional visualization by handwriting (about 2-3 weeks working time), a significant work time reduction has been achieved by using HawkC.

(Yellow spheres represent melanosome)
About one day working time → reduced to 1/10 to 1/20 work time compared IMOD traditional soft (University of Colorado Development)