help - installation


In this section, we describe the installation instruction.

  1. By double-clicking the installer, you can see the following screen.
    Read the instruction, then press the button "Next".

  2. インストール1

  3. You can see the license statement, then read it.
    If you agree with the license, press the button "Agree".


  4. Choose a installation folder
    By pressing the button "Refer", you can see the Explorer window. Then choose a folder where HawkC is installed.
    Confirm that you have enough space for the installation, then press the button "Next".


  5. Create the shortcut
    If you would like to change the folder name, rename the space which shows "HawkC".
    If you would not like to create the shortcut, check the box "Don't create the shortcut".
    After setting, press the button "Next".


  6. Choose the components
    The component "Sample" contains one Volume Images set and one Project respectively.
    The component is installed in the HawkC Folder as a tutorial.
    If you would not like to need it, uncheck "Sample".
    After setting, press the button "Next". Then the installation begins.


  7. The completion of the installation
    Press the button "Finish" to finish the installation.