1. Introduction
    1. About Hawk
    2. Ease of use
    3. Suitable contour-extraction algorithms depend on images
    4. User interface assisting efficient operation
    5. Another applications' views


About Hawk

HawkC is an application for extracting contours with automatic contour-extraction algorithms. You can handle not only one image but also multiple images which is called as Volume data with HawkC. And you can edit and analyze contours, so you can widely use for studies, visual designs and so on.


Ease of use

Designed for extracting contours with user-friendly GUI, you can learn how to operate easily.


Suitable contour-extraction algorithms depend on images

HawkC has multiple contour-extraction algorithms. So you can choose an contour-extraction algorithm , depend on images. Now, HawkC has two contour-extraction algorithms. One is Cnty(※1) algorithm which is refined Active contour model and suitable for noisy images and multiple object-extraction. The other is TH algorithm which uses binary image extraction.

(※1)Cnty has been developed under a technology licensing Osaka Institute of Technology.

User interface assisting efficient operation

HawkC has MTI(Multiple Top-level Interface) user interface, which shares one data by multiple views(MDI, Multiple Document Interface) and allows users to freely place windows and do their operations in a single window.
With this feature, you can efficiently extract contours by using multiple viewers.


Another applications' views

With exporting contours as vector data like SVG, Obj and Wrl, you can see a result of contour-extraction in HawkC but also use the result in another 2-D and 3-D drawing applications like Adobe Illustrator, Blender and so on. HawkC also can export contours as image data, so you can see in another image editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop.